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Distinguished Citizen Award

The Manatee County Distinguished Citizen Award is presented annually by the members of the Manatee River Fair Association in cooperation with the Board of Commissioners of Manatee County. This award recognizes those individuals who have made significant and meritorious contributions to Manatee County in the way of volunteer community service.

Resume of Service (Nomination Form)
The deadline for submitting a nomination for the 2023 Manatee County Fair is 5:00 P.M. on Friday, November 11, 2022. Instructions are included with the form. Download the Distinguished Citizen Nomination Form or call the Manatee County Fair Office at 722-1639 to have one faxed or mailed to you.

Distinguished Citizen Nomination Form

2023 Distinguished Citizen

2024 Distinguished Citizen Award Presentation

(l-r)Fair President- Patrick Bryant, Fair Director- Jon Neuhauser, recipients- Allen and Kaye Butler, Fair Manager- Danny Alfonso and Virgil Mills of Esposito Law Group.

2024 Distinguished Citizen sponsored by: Esposito Law Group P.A.

Past Recipients

1956 Mr. J. Pope Harllee
1957 Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Bishop
1958 Mr. Anthony Rossi
1959 Miss Jessie Miller
1960 Mrs. Dovie Larrabee
1961 Dr. W.L. Blake
1962 Mr. H. Shelton Moody
1963 Dr. George E. White
1964 Mr. R.H. Prine
1965 Dr. W.D. Sugg
1966 Mr. Paul Meyers
1967 Mr. William Snyder, Sr.
1968 Mrs. Blanche Hendrickson
1969 Mr. R.M. Beall
1970 Mr. Tom Slaughter
1971 Mr. Ed H. Price
1972 Mr. Ed L. Ayers
1973 Mrs. Sara Scott Harllee
1974 Mr. William C. Grimes
1975 Dr. William E. Wentzel
1976 Mrs. Marian W. Forrester
1977 Mr. Al Grossman
1978 Mr. Gordon Alderman
1979 Marion Quattlebaum
1980 Mr. Vick Blackstone

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1980 Mr. Vick Blackstone
1981 Col. Warren Johnson
1982 The DeSear Brothers
1983 Mr. G.T. Bray
1984 Mr. Irving H. Stewart
1985 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Turbeville
1986 Mr. Clyde Gill
1987 Mrs. Louise Johnson
1988 Mrs. Josephine Harrison
1989 Dr. Joseph Gainey
1990 Mr. Peter S. Harllee, Sr.
1991 Mr. Hal Chasey
1992 Mr. Daniel S. Blalock, Jr.
1993 Dr. Robert E. King
1994 Joe and Libby Warner
1995 Mr. R. Blake Whisenant
1996 Mr. Archie Powell
1997 Miss Alice V. Myers
1998 Dr. W.W. Hairris
1999 Mrs. Marjorie Kinnan
2000 Mr. Verl Fielding
2001 Judge Robert E. Hensley
2002 Mr. Gene Witt
2003 Mr. Robert and Mrs. Edna Miller
2004 Coach Eddie Shannon

2005 Mr. Paul Bartley
2006 Mr. Don Varnadore
2007 Rev. W.A. “Bud” Gillett
2008 Mr. O.M. "Buster" Griffith
2009 Mr. Earle Lucas
2010 Mr. Rodney B. Potter
2011 Mrs. Patricia M. Glass
2012 Mrs. Betty Glassburn
2013 Mr. Ken Burton Sr.
2014 Mr. Dan Miller
2015 Mr. Ed Dick
2016 Mr. Robert L. Pelot
2017 Mr. Robert Blalock
2018 Col. Lawrence E. Bustle
2019 Mr. Charles B. Clapsaddle
2020 Mr. Floyd & Mrs. Bobbie Price
2021 Judge Thomas Matthew Gallen
2022 Callon "Buddy" Keen
2023 Popi & Manny Ameres
2024 Allen & Kaye Butler
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